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We support a wide range of activities to help people to make great things happen, whether its organising a festival for an audience of thousands or teaching one person how to spell using an effective visual spelling strategy.

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People Power!
Humber Street Sesh is a one-day festival of music and arts that was the brainchild of Mark Page, who runs The Sesh, a weekly music night at the Linnet and Lark pub. Volcom worked with Mark and Dave Mays from Fruit to plan a fundraising campgaign for the Humber Street Sesh, and in only 10 weeks, with lots of goodwill and hardwork from the people of Hull, this people-powered festival was born. The second festival happens on Saturday 3rd August 2013 - see Humber Street Sesh on Facebook

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Common Treasury Funding Information

Join our Common Treasury Funding Information group to keep up to date with lots of different local, regional and national funding opportunities to help fund your project and make it a success.

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How to Find Your Bottom Line
We developed a simple cashbook and cashflow for community organisations, social enterprises and creative people to use – so that they could work out how much money they needed to earn, to break even or turn a profit. To find out more, email us at [email protected] 


marvellous spelling

Marvellous Spelling

After trialling this visual spelling method in over 50 Hull schools, we developed a resource pack for teachers to learn how it works!

The pack includes a DVD, flip-pad and pen - all you need to get started right away!

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